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How to Increase Local Shoppingl iSHOP Abbotsford

How to Increase Local Shopping

The dramatic increase of local shopping has led to consumers taking to local retailers more readily. However, as consumers increasingly move online, sellers now have to process greater demand of online orders faster, which can result in mistakes. A reduction in-store traffic, poor weather or inclement weather, theft, and fraud may also affect the level …

10 Reasons to Shop Local iSHOP Abbotsford

10 Reasons to Shop Local

We at iSHOP Abbotsford believe that purchasing locally can help you reduce your carbon footprint. We want to take a closer look at why shopping locally is so vital. Here are some of the reasons why we support the “Shop Local” movement, from reducing your environmental effect to investing in Abbotsford. 1. It helps you …

Shopping Local, Why It Matters iSHOP Abbotsford

Shopping Local, Why It Matters

COVID-19 has influenced our economy, as we all know. When we hear the word “economy,” we often think of how it affects the national economy. But it is the effects on our local economies and communities that concern us the most. We understand how economic downturns influence each of our members’ financial lives as a …


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