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How to Increase Local Shopping

How to Increase Local Shoppingl iSHOP Abbotsford

The dramatic increase of local shopping has led to consumers taking to local retailers more readily. However, as consumers increasingly move online, sellers now have to process greater demand of online orders faster, which can result in mistakes. A reduction in-store traffic, poor weather or inclement weather, theft, and fraud may also affect the level of customer service provided by local shopping establishments. To address these issues retailers are increasingly employing strategies to ensure their customers have pleasant shopping experiences.

One strategy that many shops employ is to have local retailers as an anchor into their chain of stores. For example, chains such as Tesco can integrate Tesco Express with other at-home food consumption centers and supermarkets so that consumers do not need to travel far to get to the supermarket. Similarly, a branch of Debenhams could be added to a traditional corner store, allowing consumers to move closer to local produce. By adding even one additional retailer to a local shopping complex, consumers are exposed to further choice and are likely to spend less money on high street brands.

Another strategy that some shops use is to provide a range of local specialty goods such as local produce, or jewelry handmade by women in their own homes. Consumers are more likely to shop for these goods when they are in their own homes instead of shopping on the high street. Similarly, to encourage more at-home food consumption, supermarkets can add a portion of fish and chips to their offer or give vouchers for fish and chips when a family makes a purchase. In addition, customers are more likely to visit a local supplier if it offers vouchers when purchasing household items.

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