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Quill Point (Koyzumie)
Sep 22,2019

Quality has gone way down. Especially on the pizza, which always seems undercooked and as though the dough hasn’t risen properly. Only a shadow of how good it used to be. Chicken strips are also frequently dry and chewy. Thankfully the Hot dogs are still good.

Brandon Gowdridge
Jul 08,2019

A good option for a cheap meal: $1.58 (with tax) for a decent sized hot dog, or Polish dog, with refillable 20oz pop. Real ice cream, not ice milk. Pizza by the slice, or a whole large. Chicken wings, chicken strips, fries, poutine, turkey & provolone sandwich and more.

Feb 21,2020

Customer service at the till is terrible. This was the second time I stood there waiting for my number to be called , the first time she called out my number backwards and after awhile I asked her if she meant my number. She was rude. Today for the second time I waited for my number to be called and it never was. She was so rude again! People sitting beside us also said they were treated rudely.

Henry George
May 06,2019

First time shopping there. Had. Hard time. Finding products other than that it was interesting

Mar 20,2019

Food that meets a great cost to value point. The fries are the best.

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