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Andrea Pino-Olivares
Apr 05,2022

Stopped by for the first time at this location a week ago for late lunch/early dinner. It's located next to the highway and has ample parking. The service was exceptional. The place is big and clean. Tried the new Chicken Addiction Bowl. My first impression was not great. The Alfredo sauce looked unappetizing, lumpy (see picture), kind of like cottage cheese. It was also very cold, just out of the fridge. I asked the server and she assured me that it was fresh so I gave it a try. It was delicious! The whole meal was excellent. The chicken was tender and juicy, the mushrooms and rice absolutely tasty. I totally recommend.

SuperGirl 1000
Apr 05,2022

Perfect. I've always heard about about Denny's but I had never been myself. The first time was ordered, the second time I went in. The food and coffee was delicious all around. Although the Philly Cheesesteak wasn't in stock the both times over that three week span so hopefully they've finally got on top of this. I will definitely go again.

Divya Srivastava
Mar 17,2022

We came here for a nice & delicious dining experience with our two kids but food quality is not very good even chicken is 70-80%cooked. We ordered sizzling butter chk and they prepare it's sauce with store bought butter-chicken sauce. Quantity is very less as per price. They should increase their quantity as per price. Chicken is chewy in soup, they don't know how to prepare soup. Never come again to this restaurant

Marina B
May 02,2022

Food was great and considering our poor waitress was being run off her feet she tended to us very well and with a smile. The other waitress showed up and did very little to help catch up with all the orders that were coming out. So kudos to our waitress that day she was a champ, wish I had asked her name!

Robert Nadeau
May 24,2022

Chandan is a good server and quickly serve everything. My meal came fast and make sure that I an happy. My experience is good here.thanks

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