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Grant Gibson
Dec 29,2021

Great Food, excellent take out packaging but a bit cold upon arrival. The drivers could use some thermal delivery bags. Wish there was a menu with my order. Really enjoyed our meal and recommend

David Fairful
Nov 03,2021

First time ordering from here (online). Not the best ordering system but it works. Placed my order and the estimated delivery time was 40 minutes... 15 minutes later I had my food. It was fresh and hot, very tasty. The hot and sour soup was very good - could have been spicier but that's my preference. The delivery driver was very polite and amiable.

DJ Temple
Jan 10,2022

Sadly this was not an enjoyable experience. The food quality felt off and was over abundant in vinegar flavors. We ordered a fair amount to try different items on the menu and it was quite expensive for what we received.

Bernie Wieser
Feb 22,2022

Very good food and friendly service. Ginger Beef and Shanghai Noodles were highlights.

Dec 03,2021

The food is awesome, best restaurant in Abbotsford, I've brought a dozen different people here and they all go back and bring more people, I've never heard of anyone having a bad meal ,quite the opposite, mention it in a conversation and everybody wants some now .

+1 604-746-3090

33643 Marshall Rd #4, Abbotsford, BC V2S 1L4, Canada


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