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Pam McMaster
Sep 19,2020

I never feel ignored in this store. The staff are always willing to help with anything that I may need.

Keith Rudance
May 05,2022

Helpful. Met my needs even though I did not follow pick up processes. Very obliging and willing to do the heavy lifting. I had a good feeling g when I left the building. Amd because of their attentiveness, I will be back. Appreciated the 2 customer service employees at the desk who assisted me

k adams
May 09,2022

I purchased a screen door in late February 2022 and paid 800 dollars for the door and to have Lowe’s Abbotsford professionally install the door. Although the door itself is nice the install has not been right. The door does not completely close and can just be pushed open with one finger even when locked. I have phoned and emailed for months. The installer has come out and replaced the cylinder and adjusted the pin. Neither attempts have helped. I believe it’s a frame install issue. To date they have taken my money and I have a door that does not completely close or lock … I feel robbed and disgusted. I am a senior on limited income and can’t even feel secure in my home … still trying to get it corrected.

Amy Niiranen
May 28,2021

This is a nice store, huge, easy to get lost in. Lol. One should know what they are shopping for when visiting this store because if the plan is to browse the aisles you could be there a very long time. Their prices are on par with the competition. Their garden center in particular had a very good variety of plants and they seemed well taken care of. Nothing drive me mad more than a store that carries live plants then doesn't bother to water or care for them so they sit wilting on the shelves. Fortunately Lowe's plants were watered and looked healthy. I would have given 5 stars but I asked the associate in the garden center if they had seed potatoes and she said she didn't know and directed me to a fellow inside the store. He didn't know what I was talking about but said if we have it will be over there, gesturing sort of broadly at a display of seed packets. Working in the garden center I would have thought at least one of then would have known what I was talking about. Anyway I went home without seed potatoes. Aside from that the other associate I spoke to was very helpful and check out was quick and easy. They also offer self check out. I will shop here again.

Karen Ruchty
Mar 25,2022

Called to see if item in flyer was available in store. I was told yes and was told exactly where to find it by Chris. Found it immediately. Price was different at till than in flyer and on display boxes. Chris came and corrected the issue. Thanks!

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