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Stella Parker
Mar 21,2022

Tasty, Fresh and great service! It is always difficult to choose what to eat for lunch. The Bombay Mac and Cheese and Ginger Beef are some of my favorites. They spice how you like and is one of the few places that is not afraid of spice! The portions are very generous and I often get 2 meals out of it.

Andrea Petkau
May 06,2022

I want to say that this business went way above and beyond! I ordered Noodlebox for a special single mothers Mothers Day Celebration via DoorDash and forgot to add one of my orders. Upon calling the manager was amazing making the necessary changes needed :) When a small mistake was made with the order and I called, the manager had the item re-made and she hand delivered it to me within 10 minutes. I was very impressed! The food was tasty and I was so happy with the service. Thank you Thank you!

Elisha F
Apr 25,2022

Went here for a quick dinner with my partner yesterday evening. He ordered the black bean and garlic box, I ordered the spicy peanut noodle box. He ordered right before me and was told it was expected to take about 15 minutes, so I assumed my order would take the same amount of time. After he had gotten his order, three other people were served before me and a few DoorDash orders were fulfilled in between. I gave it the benefit of the doubt that my order might have just needed to wait since it had gotten a bit busy, but at the 40-minute mark of waiting, we couldn’t wait anymore. My partner was then told by one of the employees that my order hadn’t showed up as a ticket even though I had paid for it. I wanted to get a refund or some kind of compensation as I had been waiting far longer than expected for a mistake, but was told it wasn’t possible for some reason. They started to make the order immediately and we left as soon as it arrived to eat our food elsewhere because the experience was disappointing. Found out later when opening the box that my order was made with chicken when I had requested tofu. It was a really disappointing first experience due to the waste of time, lack of any kind of compensation, and my order not even being correct in the end. Neither of us expect to come back.

Steven Carrao
Apr 21,2022

Great food, bit a very long wait. Waited over 40 min for the food. Friendly and helpful staff but took way too long to get the food.

Nikol Dybalová
Dec 18,2021

Amazing customer service!! Very cool place to eat and absolutely delicious food!!! If I could do more stars I would!

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