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Connor Thompson
May 23,2022

Good food, consistent with the food served at other locations. Quick serving with little to no wait times. The staff aren't exactly sociable but it's not negatively effecting the experience. They get what needs to be done, done in a timely manner.

Michelle Tatoy
Apr 16,2022

This is one of my favourite restaurant since I moved here in Canada, almost every week I am eating here. But my craving changed so I keep on eating same thing every time. So always ordered same thing almost 3 times a week. But I noticed that the one i am ordering is not on the menu so they changed what you called “Open food” price is changing every time I am ordered. So I don’t mind. But today my husband ordered the same thing, and when I asked him how much? And he mentioned the total, I said how much do you tip, he said he don’t tip, but the price that they’re charged him is higher than the amount that I am paying for with tip. I am like what the heck are you serious. When I asked the guy how much is Tamayo roll, he said 7.50$ I’m like we should just go to Kojan, sushi Nara or Shasha sushi it’s cheaper. I will not buy food ever here again. You lose a good customer.

Ethan Bergunder
Aug 17,2021

Pretty great flavour and very cool atmosphere for a food court. loved the tofu in the miso and everything else is tasting great so far!

Brian Cochrane
Jan 01,2022

A friend of mine and I placed an order to go about 4 pm on New Years eve. We have had Sushi at a number of places in Abbotsford. I honestly did not know what to expect as its a mall food court. We where both very surprised and very happy with the quality of the food and its price is reasonable. We compared it with one of our go to eat in places and honestly we where happier with this purchase and quality of food. I was totally surprised with the quality of food which was fantastic and the service was very friendly. We will be back! As a foot note I have never given a mall food court place a 5 star review before. As such I have to say to the staff "Arigatou Gozaimasu" May you all have a fantastic and Happy New Year!

Dan Larson
Jun 15,2021

For the price.its worth it great food. Friendly staff to

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