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May 21,2022

Found a flat metal head screw embedded in my mash potatoes. Looked like it was a part that held together a masher or a metal ladle. Almost chipped my tooth! I instantly lost my appetite. Server mentioned that the owner was there. I gave the metal piece to the server who Apologized. She mentioned that she would show it to him. Owner never had the Decency to even come over himself. At that point everyone else at my table was shifting through their plates. Nobody finished their meal. My dinner was ruined! They took my meal off the bill. As if the owner was doing me a favour. The way the situation was handled was absurd and very distasteful. At the very least, take responsibility for your faulty cookware and apologize. Taking off my meal was a given, but it’s the lack of principle that failed. Server was nice. Management/ Owner should be embarrassed of extremely poor customer service. Only left one star because, I had to rate it in order to leave a review. If I could have left a negative star I would of.

Adrian Moelker
Apr 16,2022

The only reason for the 1 star is because the food is good. My wife loves the food. Service is horrible. We've come to expect long, long, waits.Today we ordered to go. My wife loves a specific dish because of the baked cheese she pays extra for. We waited the 60 minutes, got home, my wife's dish was plain pasta. She called. Another 40 minute wait or they will give us 5.00 credit for the cheese. What a joke. By this time its been 1 hour and 35 minutes since ordering, and they can't do better than 45 minutes because the in restaurant customers come first. And if we pick the credit of 5.00 for next time that covers the cheese she was missing, but we already tipped the kitchen, doesnt do anything to make up for the poor experience, not getting the dish we ordered, or even the gas to come down. Do better. Take care of your customers better.

Mike D
May 04,2022

The food is great, but the host can not schedule a table. I booked a reservation for 6:00 pm for my anniversary. There was a 30 min wait when we showed up at 6:00 pm. This is the 3rd time in a row that I have had a reservation at this place and there is still a wait. We ended up going to Sasha Sushi for dinner instead. We had a seat immediately and the meal was fantastic.

Aidan O
Mar 19,2022

I love the food at Paliotti’s it is wonderful! The free bread is also a nice touch! I often get pasta as a go to and have never been disappointed. I would not recommend ordering for collection/delivery it just does not have the same fresh quality to it!

Kerry Sk
Nov 08,2021

Food was delicious and reasonably priced. The service was also very good. I don't know what else you could ask for. Well done Paliotti's !

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