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John Peters
Apr 25,2022

Ordered the No Carb Platter. I am still stunned at what I saw. The entire time the girl was making our meal, she was holding her phone in the other hand. She only put it down so she could handle the chicken to cut it. We all know the places our phones go with us. Are you kidding me? And then handling food. There was more dressing than lettuce and basically some donair meat on top. There is no way it was no carb. Highly disappointing.

Jannat Virk
Dec 11,2021

I love greek food and therefore I am suggesting you…don’t buy it from here! I called and confirmed twice to add potatoes to my order and they still did not add it. When I told them I will not come again for pick up because they forgot to add what I asked twice, and requested them to deliver, they denied that. The chicken souvlaki wrap was all veggies and too less chicken. Not appealing to the eye at all. Pathetic service, looked like they just wanted to sit and relax. The cooking time was quick…after i called for pick up they said food will be ready in 7 minutes…well now I get it why, when you just have to throw everything willy nilly into the pathetic soft gooey wrap without being mindful of the proportion…and forget half of the things customer ordered and confirmed twice…of course it will be ready in 7 minutes. I also asked her (whoever took my order) over the phone to repeat my order..which she did correctly and still forgot the potatoes. Too expensive also! Please save your money and love for greek food, don’t go here!

Jerry Nelson
Mar 22,2022

Excellent Greek salad but had no olives

Ruby Alice Collinson
Jul 17,2021

Lamb was perfect absolutely falling off the bone. Rice is great but the greek salad doesn't mix as well with the dressing in the little cups they use to go. Honestly not bad for like $16 and def worth the small wait.

Sony Obregon
Feb 13,2022

Tasty Greek food. Portions are smaller now though.

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