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Anshdeep Sharda
May 18,2022

This particular superstore has a great variety in their international foods isle. Love the diversity of items here, it's difficult finding exactly what I'm looking for at others. Great selection of South Asian ingredients here as well. The staff are great, it can get really busy sometimes though so checking out is a pain when there's not many cashiers on. Still recommend this store highly tho

Richard High
Sep 13,2020

You have to wear a mask.

Amy Lougheed
Nov 14,2020

I had a great shopping experience here. They had a great sale and I cleaned up on PC points! There were no lineups, most items I wanted were in stock and the cashier was friendly and fun. Very pleased with this shopping experience 👍

Shawna Truax
Sep 08,2020

Not liking the mask policy but not more seriously then living a covid crisis. Forgot my wallet staff let me know right away thank god.

Doug Edwards
Aug 11,2020

We shop at this store a lot. It is very near by. Not a bad store but the Mission store is a far better managed store. Cleaner, brighter and seldom out of items you are looking for. Any big shop we do is in Mission.

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