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Savona Clark
Apr 24,2022

I usually take photos but I didn't this time. So initially I thought we were a party of 6, so we arrived, told the hostess for 6 she checked if there were any available tables that weren't reserved for a party of that size. There was no available seats. Just wanted to say that I as busy as it was they did their best to locate another table to add to a 4 seat table to be able to seat us all. Everybody had such an amazing attitude, seemed like they genuinely wanted to help any of the customers that were there. Completely satisfied with our service from the staff. The atmosphere of the establishment was great! Nice colours, nice set up, nice lighting with the option of opening up the blinds for more natural light. The food, overall tasted good. Looked good. But didn't have an umph that I was looking for. *Not exactly sure how else to describe it* to ME, it was alright at best. Your staff is amazing! Don't forget to tell them that

Sonny Stevenson
Mar 05,2022

Quite disappointed ate here a few times didn’t know if the food was good or bad as every time we ate it it was different taste went back yesterday March 4 and it confirmed the food was absolutely not fit for the table and definitely on edible Service was good ordered the fish cakes it had hair in it fresh batch was made right away we ordered two baked raviolis one order was very cold and the other order was piping hot couldn’t understand that baked potato wasn’t even room temperature and the French onion soup had a very bad burnt taste to it and a little pieces of toast with cheese at the bottom was burnt to a crisp when we paid the bill the minimum percentage was 20% it’s already hard for people to go out for dinner of what’s going on and somehow they demand half of your bill for a tip from themselves So your bill is $220 somehow you give the waitress almost $50 so all in all a bad experience and we wouldn’t be returning

Mike Pacific Wave
Mar 12,2022

Great place to eat. I love their Greek salads, but everything else is amazing, too. Try they're Ceasar. So good.

Amber K.
Apr 21,2022

Went April 9th. Was so busy and short staffed we waited two hours for our meal. We were however well looked after. Would still recommend dinner here

Tina Kryger
Jan 28,2022

The food was delicious! The server was amazing. Can't wait to go back

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