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Renee Meyrink
Apr 16,2022

A nice little sushi place with friendly staff and delicious sushi rolls. Always fresh and tasty. My partner has chirashi don and loved it. Have also picked up our orders and they are always ready and nicely packed. Worth giving this restaurant a try.

Cynthya U
Apr 20,2022

BC Roll is too dry, you come in the door and not one acknowledges you at the door (you kind to have to walk in and pick a table), horrible customer service (went to pay and she told me to hold on as she was on a call), ginger was cut in very big pieces (I needed a fork and knife). I paid in cash and he didn't give me my change back but took it as a tip without asking !!! Spicy tuna and salmon ?? Not spicy at all, was sweet though....ah!! Food was very expensive counting that the rolls were very small !! I WILL NEVER COMING BACK !!!! 😠 Owner was very rude, not pleasant at all !!! And super expensive!!!!!

Vato Loco Duce 9
May 06,2022

Ordered for pick up. It was busy as it gets on a Friday evening. Took longer than usual get our order but, it was worth the wait, plus Tempura on the house, due to length of wait. ✌️. No complaints here because the food was Excellent and the presentation looked great when it got home 😋. We ordered the Lobster roll to try it out but, don't know if it was worth it. At least we got it out of the way. There are so many more rolls to try. Definitely ordering here again 🥳😋

Dean Reimer
Feb 16,2022

This place is amazing. I've gotten lunch dinner, delivery, dine in. I've eaten across the menu. It's a really solid place. Every dish has been flavorful with beautiful presentation. The staff are always very kind and the mood is calm... with pop tunes on the radio. This is my favorite Sushi place in Abbotsford.

Brandon Gowdridge
Jun 12,2021

Excellent! Taste, presentation, service. All top notch. Ordered online, one item wasn't available, so they called to offer options. Much appreciated!

+1 604-852-7874

2070 Sumas Way #108, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2C7, Canada


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