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Ryan Espersen
Apr 09,2022

I've never written a review online, but this has to be done. I've lived in the Netherlands and the UK and got to eat some of the best breads in the world. After moving to Vancouver I had the opportunity to taste some of the most bland, and some of the most disgusting breads in the world. I really struggle to find the appeal of this bread. It has the texture of wet cardboard, falls apart easily, and tastes like... matter. This bread tastes like matter.

Katrina Heard
Jan 11,2022

I used to love this bread and only eat this for the last 10 years. it's up until recently it has changed. It is more like cardboard.

Hugo Dojo
Nov 09,2021

Purchase their bread because they were local BC despite so big now. I truly and wanted to support them. However bread doesn't store well when fresh despite labels, Also when frozen doesn't thaw well compare to other brands. Sent a email the support team question after purchasing their bread. Automated message was told me will receive a response within 24 hours. Wait 3 days and wrote back asking, still no response. Its been a week now. I get your big company now and you sell your bread in all the big chains in Canada and USA and have a lot of success because of that but no reason to ignore emails from your customer base as another review here has mentioned here. Horrible customer service and product.

Guillaume Labranche
Dec 10,2021

Pretty rare that I dislike a bread. Even more rare that I'd take the time to write a review. But I just really wasn't a fan of this bread. Tasted bland and came apart very easily. To each their own dough.

Apr 07,2021

I had been buying their bread for many years but the last loaf smelled strongly of acetone. Contacted the company and heard nothing back. I guess food safety is a low priority when you are doing well?

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