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sharon wilson
Feb 17,2022

The Abbotsford Keg not only serve delicious food, they have heart. My elderly mom wanted to go to the Keg for her birthday (which is on Valentine’s Day). My dad has always loved to spoil her on her birthday. The Keg staff were so very kind to them, even in one of their busiest nights of the year. They made sure they were seated in a section where there was enough lighting so they could see the menus. The waiter was attentive to every one of their needs. It was a beautiful experience for them and our entire family thanks the Abbotsford Keg staff with all our hearts.

Rose Kjorte
Sep 17,2020

I love their prime rib. Simply the best

Scott F (BCThunder)
May 03,2022

Always a great dining experience. Came for my 50th birthday! Had steak and lobster, which tasted excellent. Ended up in emergency with a ruptured gallbladder a couple hours later. Was still worth it! Will be dining here again, as soon as I can eat properly.

Brandon Chand
Apr 05,2022

Good was good as always but this time was a little different, was rushed from the moment we got in to the moment we left. I spent a total of 45 minutes from a drink to multiple appetizers and a whole main with my family. When spending close to $200 you don’t want to be rushed but this was the case and it ruined the entire experience of wanting to eat at the keg. I don’t often go to restaurants with my family but when we go we don’t want to rush a 2 hour outing into 45 minutes. As soon as the appetizers dropped within 5 minutes we had our mains. We weren’t the only people complaining about it either. We over heard the next table say. Wow that’s a little quick? Are they rushing us out. Definitely seemed to be the case. Food 10/10 - Time with the family is priceless, don’t rush people out

Tara Walker
Sep 13,2020

Amazing steak!! Ahmed was a great server. Thank you!

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