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Vanessa Radzimski
Oct 09,2021

My husband and I love Thai cuisine and have been searching for a favourite Thai spot since moving from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley. Time and time again, we have been thoroughly underwhelmed by the places we have tried, until finding Ton Khao! Their curries are a dream; great flavours and the veggies are cooked to perfection. It’s a regular stop for us anytime we are in Abbotsford. We are so happy to have found this little gem!

Sara C
Mar 31,2022

The food is fantastic , fresh and tasty every single time. The staff are so nice! And they have a cute balcony to enjoy the sun while sipping a Thai iced tea

Rebekah Thomas-Cook
Sep 07,2021

Authentic food, excellent service, and quaint, comfy atmosphere! My partner and I often order takeout on the number 33 with spring rolls, rice, and gotta have that Thai Tea! The dine-in experience here is also great, and gives a good space for catching up with dear friends. Love the owners, love the food, and addicted to the Tea! Will be going back regularly!

Aug 26,2021

We had a lovely dinner here with a group of friends last night. The food is very flavourful and the service is excellent. And it’s very well priced! 5 of us pigged out (including soda and Thai tea) for 89 bucks! We loved everything we ordered (and we are all vegan btw!) I can’t wait to go back and try some more dishes. Highly recommend.

Ian Callaghan
May 15,2022

Love this restaurant! We tried 7 different things and they were all perfect - can't decide which was the fav. Lol Great food, fast and super friendly service. We will be back.

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33785 Essendene Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2H1, Canada


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