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Richard High
Oct 11,2021

Thank you for being pro freedom! You think we didn't notice, but we did and that is awesome! Thank you for being responsible too. always a pleasure 🙂❤💫

Chewie Chew
May 03,2022

Absolutely poor service, all employees are East Indian and are not polite to customers. The floor Manager or Supervisor is totally arrogant to Caucasian customers; especially the Elderly! Spend $200.00 in groceries and they want to sell you bags at $1.47.00 each! They DO NOT honor products that are on sale online. Instead they throw the flyer at you and tell you to find it? POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! Maybe the other Walmart in Abbotsford would be a better choice to shop. Or maybe Langley might have a friendlier STAFF!

May 10,2022

Your cart guy needs to lose the attitude. If unlocking a cart for somebody ruins his whole day, maybe he should find a different job. Preferably somewhere where he never interacts with people. This is not an isolated incident either. Honestly surprised he hasn't been fired.

Fahim Channa
Dec 28,2021

Visited Vision center. Doctor and vision center staff are great, very helpful and courteous. The prices are reasonable.

donald mclean
Sep 09,2021

Do not go into Walmart, especially if you are in a wheelchair. I am in one and was just violently assaulted by one of the sales associates at the customer service desk at the Vedder Way store in Abbotsford because of wanting to pay for all my stuff together instead of having to go through two lines like they were telling me too. And I was denied to talk to the store manager by customer service too. Then the complaints department tells me that "ethics" will take 4-7 business days to reply to my complaint. So I recommend all mobility disabled people to stay away from Walmart. You may pay a little more at Save On Foods or Superstore, but at least there you are guaranteed to not get assaulted by their staff.

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